Founder – Kaushalam

Mrinalika can be rightfully described as the SOUL of Kaushalam since she is the founder of Kaushalam and curated the entire family with heart and soul.

She hails from THE PINK CITY in the most colorful and vibrant state of India - Rajasthan. She is a Post graduate in Fine Arts and disciple of legendry artist Pandit Dwarka Prasad Sharma from Jaipur. She gives the credit to her Guru (Mentor) who gave her a rock solid foundation in painting and turned her into a passionate artist who thrives in experimenting with colors and creates master pieces.

Her quest for traditional art work motivated her to work as a freelance artist for about a decade in New York, USA. She is an avid traveler who has visited many countries and has been always fascinated with the traditional art forms. Her travel destinations gave her a global perspective and the exposure which facilitated shaping up of “Kaushalam in Apr 2012
The influence of the beautiful heritage city is reflected in her work but besides that Kaushalam is dedicated to the folk, tribal and regional arts from all corners of India. Each product is an amalgamation of bygone era & modern world. They are all completely free hand painted, no tracing, no stencils are used while retaining the artistic accuracy in every single creation.
Mrinalika is primarily a Social Entrepreneur and has a vision to uplift rural women by giving them basic training of art and coloring and thus providing them a livelihood and establishing a strong work force of Women artists. So far Mrinalika has been giving livelihood to several rural women who were needy and is now leading a respectable life being associated with Kaushalam.


                                 OUR TEAM OF ARTISANS     

 The members of Kaushalam Family have Group of Artisans who is called Kaushal’s and Kausalya’s which means skilled Artisan in Sanskrit. Members hail from different parts of India right from Ladhak to Kerala and Rajasthan to North Eastern region. Team Kaushalam works to ensure most authentic work with finer details of each of the traditional arts maintaining the originality of regional art and amalgamating it with the modern concept to give it a fresh and new look.

Each Artisan has a unique story of his/ her struggle and eventual
The artisans of Team Kaushalam endeavors to paint each piece of art with their full dedication applying their heart and soul and nurturing the art piece which makes the items of Kaushalam more special when they are laced with soulful vibes.